How Art Keeps Your Mind Fresh

In this day and age, our schedules inevitably run our lives. Our daily task lists are so long, our brain is constantly working to plan, map, and strategize. At the end of the day we find ourselves completely mentally drained, in desperate need of calibration. Plain and simple, modern society promotes a left-hemisphere dominant existence.

Art invites a much-needed shift from the analytical to the creative areas of our mind. When we begin a conversation with a piece of art, we throw our logic and reason out the Read more…

How To Get Your Art Known

You have decided to draw and paint in your home, but you are not sure how to get your artwork in the public so that others can see it. The easiest way is to take your art to a show in your community. You don’t have to attend a large show. Find a small one that accepts upcoming artists, and take a few of your pieces. You might have to pay a small entry fee, but you have the potential to make money off of your art if viewers like what they see. You can also Read more…

How To Know If Art Work Is Good

Art is a highly subjective matter. People can value many different aspects of art, which can influence their perception of what makes certain artworks good. Before you can answer whether or not a piece of art is good, you need to identify the aspects of art that makes a certain piece appeal to you.

Many people define a good piece of quality art by the artist’s originality. This does not necessarily mean that the artists must find a completely new subject to Read more…

How to Start Your Career As An Artist

You have probably heard people say that it is impossible to make a living as an artist. That can be very frustrating to hear. The good news is that while it is very difficult to make ends meet as an artist, it is not at all impossible. Below are some tips that will help you jumpstart your career as an artist:

Make A Plan

If you were to speak to several artists, most of them would tell you that they started their careers off by making a plan. Where do I want to be five years from now? Where do you want to be five months from now? How will I reach my goals? Those are just a few of the questions that you will need to answer when you are making your plan.


Practice makes perfect. You have probably done that a million times before, but it is true. If you want to succeed in your profession, then you will have to be good at it. That is why you should practice as much as you can. You may also want to consider taking a course.

Showcase Your Work

You have to put your name out there if you want to succeed as an artist. Every time that there is an event in your city that gives artists the opportunity to show their work, you should participate if you can. You may also want to consider hosting your own event so that others can see your artwork.

Set Up Your Own Personal Website

Many artists today make money by selling their artwork from their website. That is why you should set your own website. You should also promote your website on social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Do Not Give Up

You will probably get frustrated at times. You may even think about quitting. However, you have to continue to think positively. The road may be rough, but if you keep working hard and maintain a positive attitude, then your chances of success will be great.

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Tools Every Artist Should Have

To become a great artist, an artist must have the right tools. It can sometimes be perplexing to what type of tools are needed. Some tools will depend upon what type of paint an artists is using. They can depend upon whether they are using oil or watercolor paints.

Oil paint requires a certain type of paintbrush. You will need a stiff bristle brush to do this type of painting. Some artists keep a paint medium amongst their artists tools while others do not. Turpentine needs to be kept on hand to Read more…

Tips To Become A Better Artist

Art is one of those fields in which everyone has a differing opinion of what makes a “good” piece. However, that doesn’t mean that artists should stagnate in their beginning states. Artists should always strive to get better at their crafts. Below are a few simple tips to help you, as an artist, get better.


Sketches are simple, quick drawings that don’t take a lot of time and help build up many important skills. It’s important to sketch anywhere, everywhere, anything, and often. The best piece Read more…

How To Be An Artist On A Budget

Being an artist is what creative people think of as a great career yet one that might seem an expensive dream. It does not have to be expensive if someone wants to be an artist; there are things an artist can do to stay on a budget.

A person who wants to be a digital artist has many low cost and budget friendly tools available online to help them. Some of these tools allow a Read more…

Why Art Should Be Introduced To Children

Art is a important part of our lives and introducing children to all art forms is something all parents should do early in a child’s life.. All forms of art are important whether it be dance, music, sculpture or two dimensional art. We may not recognize that we often introduce art to our children at a very young age when we read them story books. Illustrators of children’s books are often great and interesting artists. Introducing them to this form of art can begin as soon as they come Read more…

How Art Can Bring Couples Together

Painting is a great idea for couples to do together. Working on art projects or traveling to see various art museums can bring your relationship closer and create new ways of communicating and understanding one another. You, as a couple, do not need to have any skill as an artist to be able to enjoy trying something new like this. You just need to be open minded with a willingness to try it and have a creative side.

Art workshops are a great place to start if you want to take your significant other to try different projects. Read more…